Bus to Ericeira from Lisbon

Ericeira Transportation Guide

Bus from Lisbon to Ericeira

The stop of the Ericeira bus outside Lisbon's Campo Grande metro station

Whether you’re going to Ericeira to spend a beach holiday or for just a day trip, you’ll likely be departing from Lisbon. It’s more convenient to have a car, but it’s not difficult to hop on a bus in Lisbon. On a day trip by car or bus, you can stop at Mafra Palace on the way, about 15 minutes from the center of Ericeira (it’s recommended that you go to the palace in the morning, and Ericeira in the afternoon).

Ericeira bus stop

The bus that terminates in Ericeira also stops by the palace in Mafra

Ericeira Buses

There are no trains to Ericeira, but those who choose not to rent a car can take the bus operated by the Mafrense company, which departs from the Campo Grande terminal in Lisbon. It’s found right outside the Campo Grande metro station (which is on the green and yellow lines), across from the Alvalade XXI Stadium. It terminates in Ericeira but makes several stops on the way, through the suburbs. Only a few times a day is the route shortened and partially goes through a highway. This means that the same bus service can either take just over one hour to reach Ericeira, or as long as 1 hour and 40 minutes, depending on the time of day. It also has irregular departure times, but there are one or two buses per hour, between 6:27am and 11:45pm.
No matter the route, it always stops in Mafra.

Ericeira Bus Tickets

Tickets are bought from the driver and are €6.35 for a one-way journey. If you want to visit Mafra Palace, tell the driver to let you know where to get off in Mafra (although you’ll clearly see the palace as you approach it; the bus stops across from it). If you want to go directly to Ericeira, just stay on the bus until the last stop, which is the town’s bus station.

Ericeira bus station

Ericeira's bus station

Ericeira Bus Station

The station in Ericeira is on the main road, Rua dos Bombeiros Voluntários. Heading towards the sea at the end of the road you reach São Sebastião Beach, but if you cross the road into town, you’ll see São Pedro Church and eventually reach Praia do Norte. To locate the bus station and the beaches, see the Ericeira beaches map.

From Lisbon Airport to Ericeira

If you want to go straight to Ericeira as soon as you land at the airport in Lisbon, you can take the metro, whose station is right outside the arrivals terminal, to Campo Grande. The airport is on the red line, while Campo Grande is on the green, so you have to connect at Alameda.
If you're carrying lots of luggage, skip public transportation, and book a transfer instead: Lisbon Airport Transfer to Ericeira